Lourdes Salazar

Lourdes Salazar has more than 15 years of experience and specializes in vigorously representing homeowners with property insurance claims. Prior to joining the firm, Lourdes handled a large portfolio of personal injury cases and was also the inhouse attorney for large corporations such as Novartis, Suzuki and Honda. She has also worked as a corporate attorney and auditor at firms such as KPMG. Lourdes has also counseled insurance companies with compliance and risk management matters. Lourdes has been active in the Hispanic community also as an immigration attorney. Lourdes’s financial background is key in handling property damage claims and makes a difference in the evaluation of a claim’s value.

Lourdes is admitted and licensed to practice law in the State of Louisiana in the United States and in Guatemala, and she has a master’s degree in finance. In her free time she likes to explore the culinary and music culture of Louisiana.